The Journey Begins…

I’ve decided to kick-start this blog with the simplest recipe that appears in both books: Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing.  However, in the spirit of Easter, I’ve decided to make them look a bit more exciting.

The recipe in the book was easy enough to follow and used easily available ingredients (the other reason why I chose to start with this recipe).

The hardest part of baking for me is getting the measurements right.  I have temperamental weighing scales that decide to change the measurement without me adding anything! First baking suggestion would be to buy a decent set of scales.

The recipe requires you to add all the dry ingredients first and add in the rest bit by bit.  This was all simple enough to do and the batter came out looking perfect.

Get ready for the second baking tip: invest in an ice-cream scoop.  No I’m serious, it’s the perfect measure to fill up enough batter in the cupcake cases for the cakes to come out perfectly.

The cupcakes came out nice and golden, however some managed to sink a bit. You may wonder why this happens? Well its either because I over mixed the batter, or I opened the oven door before they were cooked enough.  Due to a mixture of getting over-excited and impatient, I managed to do both these things.  My saviour came in the form of icing, which nicely covers everything up and hides your flaws.

However icing sugar itself has a flaw, it covers your entire kitchen in a white dust.  I have come up with a handy tip however, cover the top of your mixing bowl with kitchen foil and make a hole in the middle for your whisk. It takes a bit of practice to gauge when all the sugar has been mixed but it drastically reduces time needed to clean up afterwards

Icing the cakes, I decided to get creative and used a piping bag with a little star shaped nozzle to make little mounds that hopefully look a bit like grass.

Then with a few mini eggs and sugar flowers (bought from the supermarket) I finished my Easter creations.

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Great idea !! I will try and follow you.
    I have already made some of the Cake Days recipes and love them all.
    If you read french (or just want to look at the pictures), please feel free to visit my blog !

    Have fun baking !

    • hey, sorry i’m still new to wordpress so have taken ages to figure it out! thanks so much for the support. you’re blog looks amazing, the photo’s are stunning.

      how do you manage to swirl icing using piping like that? i can never manage to get it to look like that! will be subscribing to your blog just to look at the photo’s.

  2. thank you for getting back to me and for liking my cupcakes !
    The piping is just a question of practising, a lot ! You should see some of my first cupcakes :))
    I have 2 favorite tips, one of which is a big open star. The other is sort of dented, which you can see on the cupcakes in my latest post.
    Were you able to follow my blog? In Google reader or something?

    Keep baking and writing about it !

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