Cupcakes Fit For A King and Queen…

Well sort of!

Friday brought with it a bit of sunshine, the royal wedding and with precision timing, the flu. Brilliant.

Nevertheless I was determined to celebrate in my own little way: baking Red Velvet Cupcakes.  I was on my way to a street party and determined not to let the flu hold me down.

The ingredients for these cupcakes included white wine vinegar, which seemed a bit odd but hey; I’m not going to argue with Hummingbird!  Mixing the batter was a bit more complicated than the vanilla cupcakes and had four different parts to it: mixing the butter and sugar in one bowl, the cocoa powder, vanilla essence and food colouring in a second, the flour and salt in the third, and the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in the last. The bicarbonate and vinegar fizz when they’re mixed together; sadly this bought me about five minutes of joy.  Oh dear.

I had two worries about the batter; first the food colouring mix was meant to turn out like a paste, but it came out quite droopy.  Secondly, the batter itself was quite thick.

Now whenever I bake, my greedy friends say the cupcakes are too small; so this time I decided to use muffin cases instead.  The recipe is for 12-16 cupcakes, but I somehow managed to fill 17 muffin cases.

The biggest tip for the day would be: DON’T USE MUFFIN CASES IN CUPCAKE TINS. You may think ‘well duh?!’ but naturally this didn’t quite occur to me when I was baking.  I managed to  over fill some  of the cupcakes and as the cases didn’t have enough support; a few decided to spread and fuse together. After spending quite a bit of time ‘sculpting’ these, I did manage to get them to resemble cupcakes again but decided they would go to the family rather than the street party.

My second mistake came with the icing; I managed to forget how much Philadelphia we had left in the house and didn’t stock up, leaving me short. Personally I blame all my shortcomings on having a cold! I also realised that shops close by 11pm on a Thursday. Shocking I know but I managed to find one  corner shop that had another brand in stock.  After twirling the icing in the famous ‘Hummingbird’ way, I used the worst shaped cupcake to decorate the icing with.  Sieving it seemed to work best.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually make it to the street party but I think my family were happier that the cakes, or at least the one’s that that actually looked the way they should, stayed home.

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