Give Me Cookies!

Quite a few friends have been telling me off because I keep making cupcakes and won’t try anything new (which is not true… I made alcoholic cupcakes!). This apparently wasn’t good enough so this week I’ve gone for something completely different.  I made… COOKIES.

Ok, so a bit of an anti-climax but cookies are a big challenge for me.  When I first started baking I got a bit ahead of myself and thought I could bake anything. I tried making smarties cookies, emphasis on the tried.  They went straight in the bin.

I was naturally a bit worried about attempting cookies again after so long and decided on the simplest looking recipe; chocolate chip cookies.  Mixing the batter was easy; I’d say the hardest part of the whole process was trying to separate the mixture into equal parts and actually getting it onto the baking trays.

Cooking time was only 10 minutes, but didn’t seem really cooked so I left it in the oven for a little bit longer. A few minutes later, they still seemed quite gooey but I took them out and left them to cool.

Once cooled, the cookies were offered round and were loved by everyone; except me.  My perfectionist self thought they got a bit hard and weren’t all the same size. So I made some more.

This time I improvised and used a ice-cream scoop to measure out equal portions for each cookie, rolled them into the shape of a  squished ball before putting them onto the baking trays and cooking them for exactly 10 minutes, regardless of how gooey they seemed were when I took them out.

This would be my tip for making any cookies. When they cooled they looked and tasted amazing.  Will definitely do this with other recipes and can’t wait to try baking more.

2 thoughts on “Give Me Cookies!

  1. To get your cookies all the same you need to use a cookie scoop. I have an Oxo one which is a 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoon scoop. Use this tip and your cookies will be perfect.!!!

    • Thank you!!!! Making the peanut butter ones I used an ice cream scoop and rolled them into a ball before baking them. Came out a lot better. Will invest in a cookie scoop too! thanks for the tip! x

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