You Can’t Just Make an Alcoholic Cake, That’s Not Fair on The Kids?!?!

It occurred to me at 11pm after putting the finishing touches to my Guinness Chocolate cake that the lovely little ones at the barbeque wouldn’t be able to eat any of it because…well I shouldn’t really need to explain why children can’t eat an alcoholic cake.

So I had a fabulous idea; lets make some peanut butter cookies!  Thankfully, this recipe was actually really easy to do and by chance I had most of the ingredients left over from cooking cookies last week and I managed to get the cookies in the oven in record time.

Cooking time for these were also 10 minutes.  They seemed very gooey when I took them out but I decided to listen to the book and leave them to cool overnight.

Saturday morning came around and I checked on the cooled cookies to see how they turned out.  Very yummy! However I wish I had left them in the oven for another minute or two, as they were beautifully moist but very soft and broke apart quite easily.

These were shipped off along with the Guinness Chocolate cake to the barbeque.  Once again, I found them to be very rich; but the chocolate chips broke up the peanut butter taste.  I could only manage half of a cookie (albeit half of a big one!) but they went down a treat with the kids and grown ups.

Another success.  However I think next time I do some last minute midnight baking for someone else; I’ll stick to ONE recipe.

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