A Loaf of Lemoniness…

Another first for me but a different type of first: still cake, different tin.  A lemon loaf. I’m guessing it’s called a loaf because of the tin but you never know, there may be an extremely scientific or arbitrary reason.  Anyone who can enlighten me, please do.

Any-who, I digress.  I have a love/hate relationship with lemon cakes: love the taste; hate the effect it has on my poor fingers.  This recipe only called for 2 lemons to be grated (thankfully) so it didn’t take too long to get started on baking.


The recipe seemed to be the reverse of you’re normal cake making process, as the butter went last.  I actually had to switch the bowl I was using because I immediately put the butter in first.  Oops.  Other than this there weren’t any huge dilemmas.  I used the same technique of greasing and dusting the tin to stop it sticking.

Ok. I lie.  There was one other mini mishap.  I had a bit of a panic when it came to putting the batter into the cake tin; nothing too dramatic, there just seemed to be a lot of batter in relation to my cake tin.  I was a bit worried that the cake would seriously overflow into a gooey mess while baking so held back on using the rest.  Instead I improvised and made a few lemon cupcakes.

After going in the oven, the cake took around an hour to cook (this was less time than the recipe suggests but I put that down to not using all the batter).  The loaf came out really nice and golden; to be fair I could have used all the batter without making a mess but this is a learning curve.


The syrup was easy enough to figure out: sugar, water, lemon zest and juice.  You’d think that I couldn’t manage to mess that one up right? Wrong.  I got a bit eager and started preparing the syrup as soon as the cake started to bake and then took it off the heat when it was ready and the cake had a long way to go still.  With the cake timer beeping I came back to see my syrup had gone a bit sticky and, well, solid.  It was saved quite easily by putting it back on the hob for a minute or two but I ended up with less syrup than I should have had.  I would suggest starting on the syrup when the cake is out of the oven.

Another tip for pouring the syrup, make little holes in the loaf before you pour the syrup over.  Doing this makes some of the syrup go through to the cake and makes it that much nicer.  The loaf came out really nice and moist and was greatly enjoyed by the lucky person who got it as a present.

One thought on “A Loaf of Lemoniness…

  1. Sounds like a lucky person indeed. It looks great. I love your writing and cant wait for the next blog.

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