A Mission To Reach Perfection….With A Banana Loaf!

With the success of making the lemon loaf, I decided to try another recipe to see if I can use all the batter this time.  If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  So here goes my second attempt, my excuse for baking this week was Father’s day.

For some reason, I get really excited when I have to put different spices into cakes because I know however they turn out, they definitely won’t be labelled as bland.  This cake had a mixture of cinnamon and ginger in it.  The job of mashing up the bananas was allocated to my father (as it was father’s day I wanted to ‘include’ him in the preparation!) and was apparently quite fun to do.

Last time I made a loaf, I was worried the batter would overflow so didn’t put all of it in and made a few cupcakes.  This time, I wanted to see if I could use all of the batter.  Ignoring my gut feeling not to, I put all the batter into the pre greased and dusted tin, put it in the oven and forbid myself to open the door until it was done.

Now you’re probably waiting for me to tell you of my complete failure; but it didn’t turn out that bad.  It was all nicely cooked; it just decided to not look very much like a loaf.  Instead of rising, as the cake hadn’t cooked enough before the batter rose to the top; it collapsed and spread along the sides of the tin. It ended up looking more like a mushroom if I’m honest.

This turned the simple act of getting a cake out of the tin into a very tricky experience; thankfully I somehow managed it and left the cake to cool.  I grabbed my father and rushed him off to his Father’s Day present, dinner and the ballet.

Regardless of its interesting shape; the cake  turned out really well,  it was very moist and the mix of banana and spices complimented eachother really well; each not being too overpowering.  Definately one to try EVEN if you don’t like bananas!

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