A Close Call With Some Tiramisu

This week a friend asked for Tiramisu cupcakes for her birthday and I thought, this is the best opportunity to play around with some cake decorating tools I’ve recently bought! So I whipped out all the lovely things I’ve bought and planned how I was going to decorate the cupcakes.

I decide on some nice red bows on top of icing piped in the shape of a rose.  Being the organised person I am I coloured my icing the day before and made some pretty amateur, but decent bows the next morning.

In terms of baking, these cupcakes were the most complicated recipe I’ve tried so far.  The cake itself was seemed simple enough and followed the basic sponge recipe.  The complicated bit came when the cupcakes came out of the oven.

First I simmered some strong coffee with some horrible smelling coffee liquor till it had reduced by half.  While that cooled; I made the icing, consisting of double cream, mascarpone cheese, and some more coffee liquor (yuk!).

Once this was ready, each cupcake had to have a hole cut out of it, soaked with some of the coffee liquor mix, then half filled with the topping.  The cut out bit was then also soaked and placed back on top.  I was very worried about how much to take out and was sure I’d get too excited and poke the knife through the bottom.

Everything went well and I finished the cakes with a newly purchased Wilton 2D nozzle and iced them in a rose shape. Finally the bows went on each cupcake and the cupcakes went in the box to store for the next day….

The next morning, I woke up to my mum preparing me for some ‘bad news’. The cakes were ruined?! I ran downstairs and to my dismay, the bows had completely melted and the red colour seeped into the icing.  Generally a total disaster!  It took a while to figure out what had happened; our conclusion is this: the topping was too moist and the fondant bows sucked up the moisture and, well, melted.

So my advice for anyone using fondant icing at any point:  DON’T MIX UP ICING WITH TOPPING! Any sort of topping that will not harden to some extent will be too soft for the fondant and cause a meltdown.

I ended up having to rush to the supermarket to re-stock and make a completely new batch! This time, there were no bows.  The new batch were boxed up, stored and to be picked up by the birthday girl. I’m personally not a fan of cream or tiramisu so I steered clear of the cakes, but the birthday girl loved them, as did the family who ate a couple spares.  I’d say it was a good recipe to try if you want a nice twist on a dessert and something completely different that will surprise your guests.  However my experience with the bows (not the cupcakes fault remember), it’ll be a very long time before I make this recipe again!

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