Lemon Twirls

This month seems to be the month of baking and birthdays; I’ve had another birthday order; and by birthday order I mean a cake present that benefits my blog (we’re happy all round, no?!).

I’ve been dreading this birthday because I knew what the birthday boy would ask for: lemon cupcakes! I love the taste of these cakes; hate grating a horrific amount of lemons.

Once again, I wanted to ‘play’ with my new cake decorating stuff so decided to make some fondant leaves to decorate the top; these were made the day before.

The recipe was an extension of the basic sponge; the only difference was the grated lemon zest.  All the dry ingredients were mixed together and all the ‘wet’ ingredients in a separate bowl.  The ‘wet’ ingredients were then slowly added and whisked up.  These were all spooned into cases and put into the oven for 20 minutes.

The smell of these cupcakes is amazing! It drove everyone in the house a bit crazy while they were cooking, especially as they weren’t getting any (oops!).  Once out of the oven, they were put aside to cool and I started working on the buttercream icing; which was the standard measures with some lemon zest and yellow food colouring.

Now at this point I was rushing, as I was already late to get ready for another person’s birthday dinner; so I got my Wilton 2D nozzle ready and started icing the cupcakes like a rose.  Can you spot my mistake?  I didn’t.  I got incredibly confused when the icing came out more like spaghetti than a rose shape; until I realised that all the lemon bits had got stuck and blocked up the nozzle.  Great.  I resorted to the fool proof Hummingbird ‘twirl’ and put the leaves on top.

The cake was described as, and I quote, beautiful.  Job done!

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