Fondant Icing Fun: The Basics

As you may have already been able to guess from my last few blogs, I’ve gotten a bit excited and bought a bunch of cake decorating tools! I wanted to try my luck at making some beautiful cupcakes that I see on lots of other blogs.  So I found an excuse to make some more vanilla cupcakes.

The day before baking, I coloured my icing in a few of the colours I had bought: red, blue, purple and green.  I used cocktail sticks to put a bit of the colour onto the fondant and began squishing it all together until the colour was even.


Now just after starting I realised that I’d forgotten something very important, gloves.  My hands were completely red! As soon as I finished with that batch, I ran to the sink and washed my hands.  It all came off thankfully so I decided I didn’t need gloves (its more fun without anyway!).  I just made sure I washed my hands after applying each colour so it wouldn’t ruin the next colour I wanted.  Once finished, or once I got bored, I packed these in cling film and an airtight container and into the fridge they went.


After the cupcakes had cooled the next day I started planning my decorations.  I had quite extravagant plans for the decorations, which I quickly realised weren’t very possible, as I’d forgotten some simple, yet essential tools.

Most of my plans consisted of covering the top of the cupcake in fondant icing and drawing on them with more icing/shapes etc.  As it turns out, making a nice circle shape without a circle cutter is actually quite hard! So that plan went out the window. I ended up making a few stars and banners and putting them on top of buttercream roses.

For my first attempt, I think I did pretty well. But I will be purchasing some more basic equipment before I have another shot at it.


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