The Cheesiest Cheesecake Ever Made

I’ve written quite a few blog posts now and I’m sure most of you that read it have by now realised I’m a tiny bit odd and like to make things difficult for myself.  If you’re a new reader, then I’m sure you’ll figure this out really quickly today.  This week, I not only decided to make my first cheesecake; I decided to make it while on crutches.  Yep, like I said, tiny bit odd and difficult.

Baking a cheesecake takes quite a while, so please be advised to make it a day in advance.  The first part of the ‘process’ is making the biscuit bottom.  I was expecting some McVittie type product to get thrown in the mix and was surprised when the recipe only wanted flour, baking powder, butter and sugar.  Regardless I mixed them all together and pressed them into my pre-greased cake tin.

This went in the oven for 25-30mins to cook.  I had a chair in the kitchen to help me manage and decided to sit through the cooking time and while away the minutes.  Unfortunately, with my luck, the base took quite a while longer to cook and I found out that it’s actually really boring to sit in a kitchen with nothing to do!

The base finally came out of the oven and onto the rack to cool.  This consisted of more sitting around for me; except this time I begged a family member to bring my book downstairs so I didn’t die of boredom.

Once the base was cool enough, I whipped up the second part of the cheesecake, the cheesy bit.  I was taken aback by the amount of cream cheese required (still won’t admit the true amount to my mum!) but put my trust in the Hummingbird Bakery and kept going with the recipe. This is where I had an epiphany of some sort.  I kept wondering why the cooking time for the base took so much longer and found the answer when pouring the cheese topping into the tin…

… My cake tin was definitely too small than the recipe suggested.  Well I’m still not 100% sure exactly how big my tin is, but its not the recommended size.  This is why the base took so long (because it was thicker) and therefore, the topping would take longer.  There was also way too much cheese topping for the cake tin so I left quite a bit of cheese filling out and put the tin in the oven; with the water bath on the bottom shelf.

Quick Tip: If your using a cake tin with removable bottom or anything that can leak water; don’t put it in the water bath as suggested in the recipe.  I’ve read on numerous other blogs that the water got into the tin and ruined the cake.  Put the water bath on the shelf below your cake and it’ll do the same job.

Once cooked, the cheesecake was cooled, covered and put into the fridge and left for a good few hours before serving (couldn’t bring myself to wait overnight). As you can see, my cake had a crack right though the middle and two small areas where it was lighter than the rest of the cake.  When asked, I was told that both these things can happen; the water bath helps prevent it but apparently you will never get a perfect cheesecake unless you put something on top.

So, I hid most of the crack with a few strawberries (hiding the flaws are always the best way to go!) and Tadaaa!

The cheesecake turned out very nice.  Very proud of my first attempt; in my opinion there was a bit too much cheese but I put this down to the wrong size cake tin.  Will definitely invest in a bigger tin to make sure I get it perfect next time.  Definitely recommend this recipe to everyone, especially as it says u can mix brownies or fruit to the cheesy part.

4 thoughts on “The Cheesiest Cheesecake Ever Made

  1. I wish I had read this before starting my New York Cheesecake. I had what I thought was a pretty sturdy springform tin, put two layers of extra strong tin foil around the bottom before putting it into the bain marie and somehow water has still seeped into the bottom of the tin making the biscuit base soggy. Am gutted! It is for a thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and am out tonight so have to stay up late to remake. Meanwhile I am having soggy cheesecake remnants for breakfast. Definitely a good piece of advice in the blog. I would also say that neither the cake itself or the base goes very golden brown so don’t panic if it doesn’t look that done…

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