A Taste of Heaven

It was my brother’s birthday this week and family has a tradition where I decorate the house to surprise them (not so much of a surprise after 23 years!).  However recently, I’ve added baking a cake of their choice to the tradition.  This year my brother ordered a cheesecake, so I decided on the Butterscotch and Pecan cheesecake.

This cake has to be made in three parts: the base, the cheesy bit, and the butterscotch topping.  This time the base was made from digestives biscuits and butter.  Normal people might blend the biscuits quickly and easily but me? I thought it was much more fun to put the biscuits in a bag and bash them with a rolling pin.  It’s very good anger therapy and actually quite fun! The base got squished into the cake tin and left to cool for 30 minutes.

Then came the cheesy part.  I whisked up the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence.  I had two mini problems when doing this bit: I had run out of pecans from the apple cake last week and my brother apparently doesn’t like nuts. Grr. So I made an executive decision and left out the pecans.  The cheese topping went onto the biscuit base and into the oven for 40 minutes.  Once again, I was too scared to actually put the tin in the water bath, so I put it in the level below.

The cheesecake came out of the oven looking amazingly tasty.  There was one small crack on the side but otherwise was perfect.  After cooling on the wire rack and in the fridge for a good few hours I started on the butterscotch top.

I’ve never made butterscotch before and generally love the taste so this was the most exciting part for me.  Once the butter and sugar has melted, the pan was taken off the hob to mix in the rest.  It was quite hard to actually mix in everything and making sure there were no lumps or bumps.  The butterscotch then went on top of the cheesecake and back in the fridge overnight.

The cake got whipped out the next day with a  candle balanced on top to sing happy birthday.  I was a bit disappointed with the butterscotch as it wasn’t as hard or as smooth as it looks in the recipe’s picture, even though it had been in the fridge overnight.

So not my prettiest cake but the taste, oh the taste definitely made up for it.  There are actually no words to describe the taste of this cheesecake.  This is officially my favourite recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery books.  Even without the pecans… oh my! According to my brother this was the best cheesecake he’s ever tasted.

Just goes to show, looks aren’t always everything; as long as it tastes amazing, no one cares what it looked like.  To be honest no one will even remember what it looked like.  They will however, remember the taste.

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