Time To Pretend To Be Healthy

I’ve gotten told off a lot lately for baking so much, even though it is somewhat inevitable because of this blog.  So, this week I decided to go for a recipe that actually looked (and sounded) healthy: Oat and Raisin cookies.  Now I’d normally run a mile from anything with raisins in (why would you ruin a grape by drying it out?!?) but I knew the family would love them so gave it a go.

The recipe was pretty simple to be honest,  firstly you mix up the butter and two different types of sugar, add the eggs; then mix the flour and oats and other bits and bobs and finally add them to the mix.  Et voilà , you have your batter.

Then its just a matter of scooping up equal portions and putting them onto baking trays and in the oven.  I would suggest rolling each cookie into a ball and flattening a bit before you put them on the baking tray, as it makes them look rounder, nicer, and generally neater (I’m a perfectionist I know!)

12 minutes later, I took out some very good smelling cookies.  I always get a bit worried when I’m baking cookies because they never seem completely cooked when they come out.  If you’re like that too then DON’T WORRY! That’s what makes them nice and gooey in the middle and as long as it passes the skewer test, you’re good.

For those who don’t know what a skewer test is (shame on you if you don’t); it’s simply when you put a skewer (a small knife also works) though the middle of the cake/cookie/anything and if it comes out clean then its cooked.

I got the official seal of approval a little later in the day; by seal of approval I do mean a series of grunts, yumms, and mmm’s from family members when they had a cookie each with tea.

I do really like these cookies despite the raisins; I really liked the taste of the oats in the cookie.  I am tempted however, to try them without raisins in them.  Now THAT would be amazing.  All in all I’d say there were a nice treat to have when you’re pretending to be healthy.

2 thoughts on “Time To Pretend To Be Healthy

  1. Made them! They were a big fave in our house, Dad ate like 3 a day! Mum loves the white choc and raspberry one more though. I can give u the recipe if u like?

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