Stand Back Mint, Chocolate Officially Has A Newer, Better Partner!

Yeah it does!

So, I’ve been looking at something to bake for a get together I was having this weekend with some school friends, one of which has FINALLY come back to London after travelling the world for Lord knows how long.

I finally decided on the Chocolate and Lime Cheesecake for two reasons: 1.) it screams ‘make me’ ever time I look through the recipe book; 2.) I wanted to make it when I could have as much as I want without looking like a complete pig; and 3.) for some reason I relate it to chocolate and mint (one of my favourite partnerships ever).

I think its safe to say this baking session would, in my own geeky way, be very exciting for me.  I started by battering some double chocolate cookies, mixing it with some melted butter and squishing the mixture into my prepared tin to go in the fridge for 30mins.  I’ve found an even better way to deal with the cookies: using a pestle and mortar.  A lot more fun than blitzing and less dangerous than banging it in a plastic bag.

While the base was cooling I prepared the cheesy topping.  Now this recipe wanted me to grate and juice six limes… SIX!!! My nails always suffer, so I found a helper (my lovely dad) and begged him to help, which he did because he is amazing. I started mixing the cream cheese with sugar and eggs and finally added the lime juice and zest.  Once mixed properly I poured it into the tin.

The recipe calls for a 20cm diameter tin so I was a bit suprised when my 23cm diameter tin was filled to the top. Even though there was no logical reason for it happening, I said a teeny little prayer that the cheesecake wouldn’t rise and put it in the oven for 35 minutes.

Thankfully the cake didn’t rise and to my delight there were no cracks…for all of 5 minutes! When I came back there was a huge crack down the middle. Ah well; it was magnificent while it lasted.  I left the cake to cool to room temperature and then left it overnight in the fridge, ready to decorate the next day.

Sunday brought with it more grating but this time I did it, as my dad more than deserved a break.  I managed to grate the lime and chocolate over the cake with only one injury, which I assure you is a huge achievement for me.  The cheesecake got wrapped up and shipped over to my friends ready for dessert.

Now in pretty much every post I talk about the smell of the cakes; how they are moorish and lovely. I feel I have to warn you,  nothing compares to the smell of this cheesecake. You can almost taste the tanginess of the lime; the smell is no match for the taste however.

This is officially on the top of the list with the Pecan cheesecake as my absolute favourite recipe.  It tasted amazing! It was a big cake and over half of it was consumed by four women, that just says it all really.

You think mint and chocolate go together well? Then you absolutely have to try this.

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