Yumminess in the Form of Brownies

I’ve been quite famous among my friends for baking great brownies for a while so I was interested in how the Hummingbird version would taste in comparison to mine.  I also thought it was about time that I started baking the biscuits and bars etc so I went out, bought me a new baking tin (any excuse!) and started on the recipe.

This recipe is different from all the others because you don’t whisk anything.  The chocolate and butter are put over a simmering pot of water and melted.  The sugar is then stired in, followed by the flour and finally the eggs.

When stirring, I’d probably suggest folding the mixture rather than stirring.  Using a spatula, you gently ‘fold’ half of the batter onto the ingredient you just added.  You work in a figure eight motion and work your arm more than you work your hand.  If you still didn’t get that then youtube it, there are plenty of examples of how to fold.

The tin went into the oven for 35minutes and came out smelling moorish. Once cooled, they were cut into squares, split in half and taken to two different people as an ‘aren’t you a brilliant friend’ present.

I had a sneaky little taste before delivering the brownies and they tasted amazing; I could even say they were on par if not better than mine.  There was a mixed reaction as to which brownie recipe was better.  These are definately a good recipe to try, especially fresh from the oven with a bit of icecream.

3 thoughts on “Yumminess in the Form of Brownies

  1. Hi there! Love your fb page and blogs.
    Just reading about your attempt at the hummingbird bakery brownies and.,. Sorry if you think me incredibly rude but are you using the correct size tin? It’s just your brownie looks quite thin and not so gooey in the middle. If you are can I please urge you to get the right tin because when these brownies are made perfectly they are HEAVEN!! I bought a new tin specially for these and haven’t stopped using it since!

    • Hey Rachel, thanks for reading!
      I don’t think you’re being rude at all! I’m happy to take any comments or suggestions! The brownies were about 2.5cm thick so I think they weren’t too thin? I actually think I did buy the wrong size tin but there was a reason behind it (honest!). Both hummingbird books require this type of tin for different recipes BUT they need two different sizes. Unfortunately my funds are a bit tight and having to buy ingredients etc. well, you know how it is! So I improvised and bought a size that was in the middle of the two so that I could use it for both books. I will at some point get hold of the proper size tin because I’ve become an addict for bakeware but for now I just needed something that I can use for both books.

      Thanks again for you comment and keep reading 🙂 xx

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