If Carlsberg Made Cupcakes, They’d Make Apple Blossom Cupcakes

This week was an interesting one and will be written as a three-part drama, just to drag things out a bit!  It was the birthday for the ‘elder’ (we’ll call her) of one of our close family friends and I offered to bake.  Now at the beginning I thought it would be one big cake for a party of 20; turns out it was actually 100 cupcakes for a BIG ass do.  Oops.

Oh well, can’t disappoint loved ones can you? I delved into the two Hummingbird Bakery books to look for a couple different recipes to bake so that there was a bit of variety.  This was my first mistake; it took me a day and a half to bake all the different types of cakes with my somewhat amateur equipment.  Ah well… I’ll take it as amazing experience as a baker.

Now, before I describe to you the amazingness of the first cupcakes I baked, I should provide this warning for all Apple Blossom cupcakes in general:  They smell beautiful! Yes I just used the world beautiful to describe a smell, that’s how good it is! Even if you have very good control over how many cakes you eat, be warned… you will want to eat them all.

The picture of the cupcakes in the book had a fondant flower on it so I decided to do a little more and put 5 on each cupcake. I rolled out some fondant, and cut out around 130 flowers of different sizes using cutters; a silver ball went into each and they were left on the side till the next day.


The first part of the recipe is to prepare the iced apple tea powder and oh my, it smells good.  I suggest making some extra just to drink for yourself, which is exactly what I did.  I did find it a bit hard to source it however, but to make your search is a bit easier, the Turkish Apple Instant Tea from Whittards is perfect. The rest of the recipe is as expected, mix wet with wet then dry with dry and mix together at the end.

These went into muffin cases and into the oven for 20 minutes. I doubled the recipe to get to the 24-cupcake target and ended up making 29 cupcakes.  They came out of the oven smelling even better than before, which I thought was impossible and one spare cupcake got immediately devoured by a parent (I shall not say which!); their excuse was taste testing so I let them get away with it.


Once cooled I got onto making the batter, which consisted of more yummy apple iced tea mixed with the milk and then the butter and icing sugar.  I coloured the icing yellow and managed to dye my fingers yellow in the process. Joy.

I then whipped out my amazing Wilton 2D nozzle, filled the bag with icing and started icing roses onto each cupcake.  Before the icing dried I placed a few fondant flowers on each.

These got packed away ready to go to the party.  Naturally I taste tested one before it went and wow.  Officially my favourite cupcake! I think you should all go and try it.  Right now.  DO IT!


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