An Interesting Sandwich…

I generally don’t like anything with coconut in it and have therefore avoided the coconut jam sandwich bars recipe for a while.  My brother and dad love it however, so I finally gave in and gave it a go for this week’s bake.

The bottom layer of the ‘sandwich’ is made up of butter, flour and baking powder, which is then mixed with the sugar, egg yolks, and water.  This is squished into the baking tray to cook for 15minutes.  I left the bottom layer cool while the preparing the top layer of the ‘sandwich’.

The desiccated coconut, an egg yolk and some water went into a pot and was cooked over the stove for 3 minutes before the flour was added and cooked for a further minute.  The coconut smell comes out quite a lot when cooking, which I didn’t appreciate but I carried on nevertheless. While this cooled, the rest of the egg whites were whipped until stiff, or at least until my hand felt like it was falling off! This was finally folded into the desiccated coconut mixture.

The best part of the process was sandwiching everything together.  When spreading the jam over the base, I did have use 2 teaspoons more than the recipe recommended in order to cover it all.  The coconut topping went on top of this, which was actually quite difficult to spread without mixing the layers. I finally managed to get the coconut evenly spread and put the sandwich into the oven for 35 minutes.

Once cooled, the coconut jam sandwiches got cut up and tasted.  I wasn’t very excited about tasting it and waited till the next day to have a tiny piece.  Generally, it was nice but the coconut flavour was still too much for me.  Everyone else absolutely loved it though; I think those who don’t have an opinion on coconut would also really enjoy and would still suggest trying it.  I wouldn’t suggest making the recipe for people who, like me, have a similar ‘hatred’ for coconut.

3 thoughts on “An Interesting Sandwich…

  1. Woweeee! It’s like…HEAVAN! I wanna make them! I think i have a similar recipe in a cook book i got for crimbo!

  2. Awful recipe.I’ve baked for over 30 years and this was one of the worst “tray bakes” I’ve ever made. The base was tough, the jam layer too thin and the coconut layer too thick and unnecessarily compicated to make. Normally with a coconut layer there’s no flour in the top layer, just egg, sugar and coconut, so no need to cook it. The base layer would have been better “crumbed” in a food processor.

    • Hey Lizzie, Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience of it!!! I didn’t eat much of my version as I’m not the greatest fan of coconut but it didn’t come out as you explained :s
      I did put more jam on mine, because it didn’t seem enough (and i forgot to measure it!) but I found the rest of the recipe OK.
      Hope the rest you enjoyed the rest of the recipes xx

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