An Angellic Cake… But Does it Taste Good?

Since I’ve started this blog, my colleague has refused to try my cakes and has said he’ll try them when I make a protein cake… Charming! Well it was his last day on Friday and I looked through the Hummingbird Bakery books to find something that could be called a protein cake.  I found the Angel Cake.

What makes it a protein cake you might ask? Well firstly, the lack of any butter, caster sugar or any form of sweetness makes it very healthy, and secondly there are 10 egg whites used in the recipe.  Look up protein cake in the dictionary and you’d find a picture of this cake.

So how do you make a cake with no butter or casting sugar? Well I had to whisk the egg whites and crème of tartar till they had ‘soft peaks’.  I still have no idea what a ‘soft peak’ is so I guessed, naturally.  You then carefully fold in the flour, a bit of icing sugar, and the vanilla and almond essence in a bit at a time so that you don’t fold out all the air.

This goes into you’re prepared tin and into the oven for 50 minutes.  When my time went off I tested the cake with a skewer and it came out clean all over even though it was quite light.  I put this down to  the egg whites and left it to cool before attempting to take it out of the tin. I’ve decided I don’t like my tin any more because it keeps taking a little chunk of cake with it here and there no matter how much I grease it.  Oh well.

I left cake to cool overnight before attempting putting icing sugar onto the cake.  The recipe states to dust icing sugar on top as decoration, I decided on the same method but tried to be clever with it (as always!).  I cut out letters that said ‘Bye Aaron’ and put them onto the cake before dusting the icing sugar.  This looked amazing and I was really happy with it.

So I run upstairs to get changed and come back down to put the cake in the cake box and leave; to my horror half the letters had dissappeared – the cake sucked up the icing sugar! Eek!  I was running late as it was so packed it up and left, hoping that all the icing sugar would get sucked up, which it did.

I finally made it to work and was starting to get more and more worried about the cake – bits were broken off from the tin, there was no ‘Bye Aaron’ on the top, let alone any icing at all, not to mention I was worried about the taste.

After all that worrying, the cake went down a treat anyway.  We served it with blueberries and strawberries and everyone loved the taste.  Everyone, except me!  Personally i thought it was too  heavy and tasted more like a brioche than a cake.  Everyone else loved it because it was so healthy and not too sweet.  It definately wasn’t for me though;  I think if you’re going to make a cake, you might as well go all out.  Don’t be put off though, the cake is nice with fruit and is a good alternative if you want to be healthy and still have a sweet treat.

4 thoughts on “An Angellic Cake… But Does it Taste Good?

  1. Angel cakes are tricky to make. One of the trick so they don’t turn out dense is that you gently turn the tin upside down when you take it out the oven (not so hard that the cake falls out though! Cake still has to be firmly in the tin!) and then cool it upside down. That way, the cake doesn’t collapse under it’s own weight (because the cake is so light with so much air in it, it can’t support itself until it’s cooled). The proper angel food cake tins actually have extra little metal prongs on to support the tin when it’s upside down. (Random info!)

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