A Halloween Treat

For Halloween this year I was determined to make two things that were thankfully related:  carve my first pumpkin, and make pumpkin cupcakes.

Now the first part, carving my first pumpkin, was actually a lot easier than it seemed.  The hardest part was trying to get enough pumpkin out to make the cupcakes with, after that it was a case of carving without trying to cut any fingers off.

The pumpkin cupcakes were a bit harder to carry out, I firstly had no idea what pumpkin puree was or how to find it in a supermarket! Thankfully my mum came to the rescue and made some puree with the insides of my pumpkin.  Phew!

Actually making the cupcakes seemed pretty easy; you mix the ‘dry’ ingredients in one bowl, then add the ‘wet’ ingredients to the mix.  I think this is where I made two mistakes. Firstly the pumpkin puree itself seemed to have too much water in it, even though we squeezed as much moisture out as possible.  Secondly, it was really hard to mix the puree in evenly, so I must have over-mixed the batter.

The batter was spooned into the cases and into the oven for 25 minutes.  They came out sunken, which was because of the over-mixing, but otherwise smelt great.  The pumpkin and the cinnamon make a great smelling team!  Another thing I noticed however was that the bottom of the cupcake cases were really greasy; I put this down to the moisture in the pumpkin.

I made up the cream cheese frosting, twirled in the famous Hummingbird Bakery style, dusted it with cinnamon and distributed the cupcakes among neighbours and friends.  Everyone loved the taste and said it was really lovely and moist.  I had some issues however; again I think It was because of the two mistakes I made, but the cake itself seemed too moist for me and I felt like it stuck to the roof of my mouth.  Once you get past that, the actual taste is good; I’ve never had pumpkin anything before but the cinnamon used in the recipe really complimented the taste and texture of the pumpkin.

I would make these cupcakes again, even if it was purely because everyone else liked it so much, but I would take more time to perfect the puree next time.

One thought on “A Halloween Treat

  1. Thanks for your post & putting up the result of your cupcakes. I was in a tizzy because my pumpkin cupcakes have come out of the oven sunken & moist, just like what you’ve described. Haha. I don’t feel like such a noob. I will attempt to cover the shame of the sunken cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. lol

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