The Quick and Easy Cheesecake.

 Yes people it is officially here, an easy way to make cheesecake! No cracks, no water baths, just nice and simple.

Well this is what I thought at least when I chose to make the ‘Fridge-Set Banana Cheesecake’ this weekend.  We had guests over for dinner and I was running out of layer cakes to bake.  My solution was to make a cheesecake instead but I didn’t have time to bake it the night before.  Luckily I saw this recipe, it’s quick to make (or at least quicker than other cheesecakes) and can set in a couple hours. Perfect.

The recipe suggested putting the biscuits in a food processor and adding the melted butter while it was mixing.  I am slightly attached to my method of preparing the base however and used a mortar and pestle and mixed the butter by hand.  There’s just something about bashing biscuits to a pulp that’s too satisfying to let the mixer do the job for me.

The mix went into the cake tin, which was lined with greaseproof paper, and pressed and flattened. This went into the fridge before starting the top, cheesy part of the cheesecake.

Now the recipe states here to put the gelatine leaves into water but the instructions on my pack stated it needed only 5 minutes in water, so I left this till just before I needed to use it.

The first part of the topping was made with mashed bananas and orange juice cooked through.  I do have a tip to put in here:  Try to use very ripe bananas, they’ll be much easier to mash – I felt like a complete weakling attempting to mash the barely ripened bananas we had!

I also had no idea what a cooked banana was meant to look like so I guessed (generally not the best of ideas when baking).  Once that was done, I put it aside to cool and started on the next part: whipping the cream cheese, sugar and eggs.  Now this was something I can do! The cream was then whipped in another bowl and folded into the cream cheese mix.

This was when I soaked the gelatine leaves and mixed it into the banana mixture until it had all melted. After spooning a bit of the cheese mixture into the banana to even up the temperature, I added the banana mix into the rest of the cheese mix. This went on top of the cheesecake base and straight back into the fridge to hopefully set in time.


Now I’ve never made any type of jelly before, or even used gelatine so I was praying that 1. It had set, 2. I didn’t muck up the temperatures.  Thankfully all was ok when I took out the cheesecake after dinner to serve.  I put a couple banana slices on top to decorate and dished it up for everyone.


The cheesecake went down a treat! The texture is firmer than a normal cheesecake, as the recipe says but it was delicious. Furthermore, the banana didn’t overpower in anyway – it was a really nice, light dessert.  One I will definitely make again.

I do have one confession to make though; thankfully it only managed to be in my slice so I got away with it! Apparently not all the gelatine was melted and I got a tiny little piece in my slice.  Oops!

2 thoughts on “The Quick and Easy Cheesecake.

  1. I made this in my hols! I was making loads of cakey things so i felt a bit bad for Coral so i let her pick out the cheesecake! I couldn’t find gelatine leaves though. I just used the poudery stuff. Where did u get urs? We dcouldn’t find it in our local supermarket. Mine dissapered in 2 days. LOADS of washing up to do though!!!!!

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