Sweet Little Sugar Cookie Somethings

I decided to try my luck with the sugar cookies in the first Hummingbird Bakery book this week.  I’ve tried this recipe only once before and completely failed as I put them in the oven for too long.

This time I was determined to do it right; the family wanted to eat some sweet little somethings (very descriptive I know!) and I thought these would do perfectly.

To prepare the dough, I mixed up the butter, sugar and vanilla extract before adding in the egg.  This was then whisked in with the flour, salt and cream of tartar, which is a bit harder than it sounds.  Obviously the dough is a lot thicker and, well doughy for lack of a better word; my poor, half-dead £3 whisk didn’t seem to like it at all.  I finally managed to get it generally whisked and did the rest with my fingers.

After preparing the dough came the fun bit; rolling out the dough and cutting out the shape of your choice.  My cookie cutter collection is still really limited to tiny star cutters and a few circle sizes (despicable I know).  So I decided on a medium circle size and cut out as many as I could fit onto the 3 baking trays I had; there were a lot of cookies!  I had no idea what to do with the rest of the dough so I rolled it into one big monster cookie and put it on a spare tray.

These all went into the oven for exactly 10minutes, I was determined I wouldn’t overcook them this time.  They came out and were left to cool; the monster left over cookie got carried out into the living room straight away, as no one could apparently wait another 10minutes.  Typical! I ended up leaving out the royal icing topping as well, as my family didn’t want to wait for, and I quote ‘that extra nonsense’.

The sugar cookies came out moorish, they were a perfect addition to a good cuppa’. Not sickly sweet but sweet enough to satisfy that sugar craving (if that makes any sense whatsoever!)   I would define these more as a biscuit than a cookie, but hey what does it matter what it’s called when it tastes good. I’d definitely suggest this recipe to everyone, and would definitely be something fun to do with the kids.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Sugar Cookie Somethings

  1. Hi! It’s Ruth! I made these for valantines day. I made them heart shaped and decorated with pink iceing. They were really good. Were yours quite soft?

    • The first time I baked them they were too hard because I got scared and left them in too long. But this time they came out quite soft – they had a nice crunch but it crumbled in your mouth.
      Really glad your getting into this baking stuff – your getting more creative than me! xx

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