A Christmas Marble Loaf

So, it was Christmas (as if you didn’t already know) and there were a few recipes that I had saved up specially. Firstly, I wanted to remake the Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf, as I was naughty and didn’t blog on it the last time I made it.

I started by whisking together the butter and sugar; and adding the eggs one at a time.  My £3 electric whisk was starting to make some really strange noises and I said a tiny little prayer to get it through the day, as I had so much to bake!

I carried on whisking the mixture and added the flour, baking powder, salt and soured cream to the mixture.  The recipe then said to take out some of the mixture and stir in the cinnamon.  This made a really lovely smelling brown batter. The raisins were then stirred into the remaining batter.

I then put the original batter in the greased and dusted tin and spooned in the cinnamon batter on top.  Now the first time I tried this recipe I was too scared to mix it in too much in case it all turned one colour.  This time I tried to stir it in more but was still a bit worried about over mixing.

The loaf went into the oven for around an hour; about halfway through the smell started to waft from the kitchen.  Boy do I love the smell cinnamon makes in a cake! I was so tempted to take it out there and then but I prevailed and didn’t open the oven door till the timer went.

The cake came out and was essentially demolished.  I absolutely love this cake; it’s the perfect mixture of sweetness and cinnamon. It goes great with tea or coffee and was the perfect pre-Christmas treat.  I even could deal with the raisins, although I’d love to try it with dark chocolate chips next time.


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