A Nutty Loaf

After a loaf spree recently I wasn’t too keen on making another loaf for a while. My mum had other plans for me however – she’s had her eye on three different loaves for a while and managed to convince me to make one for a dinner party we were having.  So, me being the annoying person that I am, put it up to Facebook to decide; and, just as annoying, there was a tie!  So I chose the Pistacchio Loaf to get it out the way

I wasn’t too keen on making this but it had to be done at some point right?  For once I remembered to chop up the pistachios before starting on anything else, which took forever.  Chopping nuts is officially the most boring, dragged out process ever – the worst bit of baking in my opinion! Anyhow, once chopped I whisked all the ‘wet’ ingredients  and sifted the ‘dry’ ingredients  in anotehr bowl.  This was all then whisked together and the chopped pistachios stirred in.


After an hour in the oven, I took the cake out to cool.  It smelt great, as freshly baked cake generally does, but for some reason I just wasn’t sold. I took the cake out of the tin and left it to cool while our guests arrived and we ate dinner.

Before dishing out the cake to everyone I made the glaze to go on top.  I mixed icing sugar ad water together until quite thick and poured it over the cooled loaf.  I then ground up some pistachios using a mortar and pestle – or an anger management device, as I prefer to call it – and sprinkled it on to the glaze.

The cake went down really well at the dinner party; they really liked the nutty taste.  My gut served me right this time – it wasn’t my favourite cake at all; I did like it with the glaze but it wasn’t sweet enough for me.  I do tend to like most cakes that aren’t sweet, but these normally compensate with spices – the pistacchio loaf just wasn’t enough of either.  Ah well.  On to the next one!

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