A Coffee Break in a Cake

I’m not the biggest fan of coffee, it’s too bitter a drink for my taste.  But everyone needs a coffee break, and there’s nothing like a piece of chocolate to offset the bitter taste of the coffee (any excuse for chocolate!) So I was intrigued as to how the Coffee and Chocolate Loaf would go down, so I baked it for the dessert for a dinner party we were having.

I started by whisking the butter and sugar together and adding the eggs one at a time.  Simple so far. Then I sifted the dry ingredients together and mixed the milk with the coffee… coffee? I forgot to brew the coffee! Aarrgghhh! In typical Diary of a Bake-a-holic style, I made what I thought would be strong coffee, and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes to cool.

Once I deemed it cool enough to put into the mix, I started mixing everything together: adding a little of the dry ingredients, then a little of the coffee milk at a time.

The batter was finally ready to be poured into the pre-greased and pre-dusted tin and put into the oven for an hour.  I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down with some tea.


The cake came out of the oven looking like a big slab of dark chocolate… yum.  Although it did look tasty as hell, I was worried the dark colour meant it would also be bitter.  Ah well, there was nothing I could do now.

The dessert was sliced and passed round with the tea after dinner.  I felt a bit odd eating a coffee cake with tea – it just seems so wrong – so I had mine with milk.  Everyone enjoyed the cake but I think were worried about their figures – I wonder what it is about a chocolate cake that makes it seem fattier than a normal one?!

I thought the loaf was actually really, really nice, definitely not bitter. It went beautifully with my glass of milk and had a really lovely, rich taste – not too much chocolate, or too much coffee – but a nice mixture of both.  Definitely a new favourite!

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