Compost Cookies – A Devilish Delight

What can I say about these cookies … I read about them in a book called ‘Pear Shaped’ and they sounded horrible – why the hell would you want to bake these kind of horrible – but I have to admit, they had me intrigued! The novel was amazing and the main character is a pudding developer, and they have to be good at knowing what tastes good, right? Especially if the descriptions in the book are anything to go by!

So what did I do? I gave in and got the recipe from the Pear Shaped Facebook page of course. And boy, I can honestly say I’m really, REALLY, glad I did!

These cookies aren’t made from soil (surprisingly) but from a concoction of crisps and chocolate. Yes, I didn’t type that by accident, they’re made from crisps and chocolate! Do I hear you say Yuk? Well I did, in fact I think I said yuk about 20 times while I was preparing these cookies; but I promise you, there’s a happy ending.

You can basically choose whatever chocolate or crisps you want, 170g of each, although I wouldn’t suggest and extremely random flavours such as flame grilled steak! I used dark chocolate chips, and salted pretzels, baked crisps and hula hoops. Once you’ve decided all you have to do is bash them up a bit and they’re ready to go into the mixture

The first interesting thing about the recipe (which I’ve put below) is that it uses cold butter, a definite new experience for me. I then added the sugar and corn syrup and mixed it up for a few minutes. After adding the eggs and vanilla extract, the recipe said to increase the mixing speed to 10 minutes. Ten minutes?! Eek! I’m glad I had recently bought a Kenwood because 10 minutes with my handy electric whisk would have been a definite arm work out!

Once that was finished, I stirred in the flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and later the crisps and chocolate to create… an evil looking mixture. The dough was split into 12, rolled up into balls, covered in Clingfilm and put in the fridge overnight.

I have to admit, I was slightly dreading baking these evil looking things the next day. I kept asking myself why anyone would do such a horrible thing to an innocent cookie!? I prevailed, however, and managed to bake all the cookies and set them on the table for my guinea pigs… ahem, I mean family, to try out. And…

THEY WERE AMAZING!!! No I am not joking, I’m not under the influence – I’m deadly serious! They tasted great! There was a lovely sweet and salty mix, but nothing too overpowering. Naturally, I didn’t tell anyone what was in it until they tried it and no one could guess that they were eating a crisp/chocolate cookie.

This is definitely one to try with the kids, or even as a surprising treat for friends and family. I put my photos on the Pear Shaped Facebook page and entered into a competition to win a copy of the book. And I put it out to all bakers out there. Try it and if you like it, put the picture up on the page!

You can find the recipe by following the hyperlink here: I WANT THE RECIPE

If you love the cookies, then you’ll love the book: BUY IT HERE


2 thoughts on “Compost Cookies – A Devilish Delight

  1. I recently made compost cookies too – everyone at work lovedddd them!
    I really enjoy following your blog – thank you.

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