Banana and Honey Teabread

It was my colleagues last day yesterday (SOB!!) and I had promised her I’d make her a cake.  I originally planned to make a rocky road but after reading the ingredients list I decided it was a glorified lump of chocolate and refused to serve up a potential heart attack to my office.

I therefore opened up my trusty Baking Bible and found this recipe.  I was intrigued by the whole concept of a teabread – is it a bread you have with tea? Is it a loaf? What is it? My curiosity got the better of me and I got out all the ingredients ready to bake.  This time I even managed to grate the lemon myself (huge progress!).

The recipe is a bit different to what I’m used to, in the sense that you mix the flour with the butter and nutmeg first with your hands. Then came the eggs, mashed banana, sugar and a LOT of honey – yum!

This went into the prepared loaf tin and into the oven for about an hour and 25 minutes.  Here is where I messed up. Technically it wasn’t my fault; I put complete blame on my fan-assisted oven. I left an overlap of baking parchment on either side of the cake tin to make it easier to lift the cake out but when I put it in the oven, the fan must have blown one side over to cover the batter.  This meant that it stuck to the parchment and didn’t bake as well. I had to bake it for even longer and tried to peel away the parchment without taking half of the cake.

Once out, the smell was ridiculously tempting– so much so that I may have scraped bits of cake from the parchment paper to eat. I waited till the cake completely cooled before I heated up two more tablespoons of honey and drizzled it over the top.  I didn’t particularly like the idea of having big sugar lumps on top of the cake so I crushed mine before sprinkling.

Once in the office, the teabread didn’t last very long but I did manage to get a photo or two before it all disappeared. I had my customary taste test (the best job/excuse to eat cake ever) and decided that this is probably one of my favourite loaf cakes/tea cakes.

It is beautifully moist and sweet – but not your average ‘sugary sweet’ – the honey adds a texture and taste that is even better than ‘sugary sweet’.  The nutmeg gives a small kick that also works really well with the banana.

My lovely colleague, Grace, made some Hummingbird Bakery Brownies with cherries and almonds on top.  These were delicious and I devoured as many as possible before they disappeared.  If only I knew she was a baker I would have made her bake more!


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