Yorkshire Gingernuts

This year we had a team advent calendar: each person had three days to fill with lovely treats for the person who opened it. Being the office baker, everyone could guess what would be waiting for them – some form of Christmassy baked goodness.

I managed to pick three people who had completely different tastes in baked goods (yes guys – not everyone is like me and loves everything!).  I planned each ‘gift’ and attempted to make the type of thing they liked the most – so my first colleague got some Yorkshire Gingernut biscuits baked using Mary Berry’s recipe.

This was pretty quick and simple to follow – the butter and golden syrup go into a pan and are heated whilst the dry ingredients are mixed together. The melted butter is then added along with the egg.

The most difficult part of the recipe was getting 50 biscuits out of the batter – I went a bit OCD and weighed the total amount of batter, divided it by 50 and started measuring out each amount before baking them in sets of 10.  You’d think it was a pretty clever way to do it and it’s good if you’re a perfectionist like me who likes everything the same size – but it takes forever!

Yorkshire Gingernuts

Finally all the biscuits came out the oven and I had a quick taste test with my cup of ‘well-done-you-finished-baking’ tea. I have to admit, I wasn’t ‘in love’ with them; the ginger taste is a bit too subtle for my taste and it’s not the sweetest of biscuits.  Not really my kind of thing – but the advent recipient loved them (phew!).

 Yorkshire Gingernuts

These are (apparently) really nice with some Yorkshire tea and perfect for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth.  Not my personal favourite, I have to admit, but they did look great.

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