Chocolate Chip American Muffins

Since the success of my Lemon and Raspberry Tart, I’ve got a bit ambitious and decided to try another first – muffins!

OK, so I know it doesn’t sound quite as terrifying as it could be, what’s hard about muffins right? I don’t know what it is about them that have made me really nervous about baking them; but I figured I have to start making them at some point – why not start this weekend?!

 The recipe was pretty easy to follow if I’m honest.  I mixed together the flour, baking powder and rubbed the butter in to get to a ‘breadcrumb’ consistency.  Then I stirred in the sugar and chocolate chips. I was slightly worried at how little sugar I used until I started adding the chocolate chips ­– there were so many! Thankfully, there was enough left over for me to nibble on whilst I carried on with the rest of the recipe.

In another bowl I mixed the eggs, milk and vanilla essence before pouring it all in to the ‘dry’ ingredients. According to Mary Berry, this batter is meant to be a bit lumpy so I tried not to get too freaked out by the fact that I was putting lumpy batter into muffin cases – it felt so wrong! Oh well – into the oven they go.

 Chocolate Chip American Muffins

Now these muffins are titled ‘American’ so I figure they should come out pretty big – maybe not! When I think of muffins, I think of huge, delectable, muffin-top treats; these were more like extra-large cupcakes.  They also came out a mixture of colours – for some reason some were beautiful and golden-brown, whereas others were a little more … ahem… light-yellow? Ah well. If anyone complained, I’d blame it on my temperamental oven.

As I packed up the muffins to take to work the next day, I started to worry  about what people would think; I don’t normally do very well on my first attempt at baked goods (you should have seen my first ever cake!) and didn’t want my ‘baking-goddess’ reputation to diminish.  On the other hand, I wasn’t about to force my parents to eat their way through 12 muffins so off to work they went.

 Chocolate Chip American Muffins

Now I usually prefer muffins to cupcakes, mainly because one is enough to satiate my sweet tooth; but I just wasn’t feeling these muffins.  Simply put, I think they weren’t sweet enough for me. This is not to detract from the recipe, however, they tasted great with my morning brew, and everyone else seemed to love them.  They were especially pleased with the muffin to chocolate chip ratio.

 As my first muffin attempt – I’d say I was quite happy with them (the perfectionist inside me is not easily pleased!). However, I have decided to reserve judgment until I have attempted a few more recipes. There’s a chance for these American Chocolate Chip muffins yet!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip American Muffins

  1. Hey, same here. Mine came out of the oven all different colours, some golden, some looking undercooked. I too was disappointed in the fact they didn’t rise as much as expected. I was disappointed with the other muffins from her book too! Keep baking…xx

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