The Easiest Cheesecake … Ever

 That’s right people – this is officially the easiest one I’ve made yet. I made this for yet another dinner party and we had lots to do.  Luckily there’s literally no baking involved in this recipe, which makes a welcome change … especially when both ovens were already packed with food being roasted.

The base is made from crushed up digestive biscuits and melted butter that’s squished into the base of the cake dish. Simple.

The cheese layer is just as easy to make – it consists of whisking together the cream cheese, lemon zest and vanilla essence in one bowl; and the double cream and icing sugar in another. Then all that was left to do was to pour the cream mixture into the cheese mixture and gently stir it together. This then went into the cake tin, was covered with cling film and placed it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Recipe 71 - 2Doorstop Vanilla Cheesecake

I took the cheesecake out the freezer 5 minutes before serving and took it out of the tin.  It looked amazing but for one teeny, tiny issue – there were holes in the bottom. I must not have pushed the cheese mixture down enough and it had set that way.  Oops.

I put some strawberries on top and around the plate and hoped our guests wouldn’t realise. I brought the cheesecake out and was met with raised eyebrows, the ‘hide the hole behind the strawberry’ technique, surprisingly, didn’t work. The deep blush and mumbled apologies set off everyone laughing – apparantly my embarrassment over the ruined presentation was hilariously funny.  I just hoped the entertainment value and taste made up for the holes!

Doorstop Vanilla Cheesecake

The cheesecake was very rich, definitely what I would consider an indulgent treat.  If I’m honest, it wasn’t my favourite cheesecake ever – it was just a bit too heavy for me. But, luckily, everyone else seemed to enjoy it so I guess it was a save?!

I probably won’t make this cheesecake again – it was a bit too heavy for my liking and this attempt has left me terrified of getting holes in it again!

Doorstop Vanilla Cheesecake

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