Last Minute Lemon and Poppyseed Ring Cake

During Easter, I went a bit anti-Easter related baked goods.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m kind of tired of all the Easter eggs, bunnies, and bird nests.  We’ve all had our fair share of chocolatey goodness and enough is enough.

So when I was told that we had guests coming for cake and tea two hours before they were due to arrive – I refused to bake anything Easter-related I got out the trusty old Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and picked a recipe that reminds me of spring: the Lemon and Poppy Seed Ring Cake.

I sped to the supermarket to pick up some of the essentials that we, for some reason, didn’t have in the house.  I got back in no time (I drove to the speed limit, promise!), made a quick cup of tea and got started.

Firstly, I whisked together the butter, sugar, poppy seeds, and lemon and added the milk … the milk? Milk was one of the main things I had to buy, as we have all turned anti-dairy and only drink oat or almond milk, and it was the one thing I forgot. Oops. I didn’t have enough time to go out again so had to resort to some almond milk to compensate.

I then mixed together all the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt etc.) and whisked it into the ‘wet’ ingredients in three parts. Finally I whisked up the egg whites and folded them in.  This all went into the prepared ring tin and into the oven for around 35 minutes.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Ring Cake

Right, on to part two – the syrup.  I boiled the lemon zest and juice, sugar and water for about 6 minutes and left it to cool on the side.  Once the cake was out of the oven, I heated the syrup up a little so that it would pour easily, punched some holes into the cake with a skewer and poured the syrup on top.

After the ‘almost’ disaster of the Maple and Walnut Streusel cake, I waited a lot longer before I turned this cake out. Thankfully it came out ok and didn’t crack (yay!).  All that was left was to do was to make the glaze, which consisted of lemon juice and icing sugar. Simple.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Ring Cake

I poured this over the ring cake and realised, there was a lot of glaze in comparison to the amount of cake there was. My cake ended up looking a bit like a monster-sized Krispy Kreme doughnut, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.  I sprinkled some poppy seeds on top to decorate and ran upstairs to get ready in 5 minutes before the guests arrived.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Ring Cake

When the Hummingbird Lemon and Poppy seed ring cake came out after dinner, there were a few delighted laughs – it really did look like a big glazed doughnut! Oh well! I cut into the cake and handed out slices. Now, our guests are normally health-freaks who only have tiny slices of cake so I’m used to cutting quite small portions for everyone.  Apparently, in this case, a small slice just wasn’t enough, everyone started getting seconds and thirds and, before you know it, it was all gone!

Lemon and Poppy Seed Ring Cake

The reason why is the taste: the glaze was beautifully sweet and the lemon added a good zing to it, whereas the cake itself is light and delectable.  This is definitely going to be put down as a favourite and made again.

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