Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

 This tart has been staring at me since I got the Gü Chocolate Cookbook, the picture is stunning and constantly whispers ‘try me, make me, eat me!’ whenever I happen to glance at it.

So this time I gave in and tried it.  My mum had gone to Iran for a month and I was playing the role of housewife when we had guests – I made a three-course meal and chose the Chocolate and Raspberry Tart as dessert.

In terms of the bake itself, I found the dough really difficult to work with.  I measured everything out perfectly but found the dough really wet and couldn’t roll it out. I made the dough three times but it came out exactly the same every time.  In the end I used the wet dough and squished it into the tart tin with my fingers, piecing bits together as I went along.

Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

This lead to a really uneven tart case, with a small crack at the bottom, but at that point I was up to my neck in the main course, and honestly couldn’t care less!

The recipe advises to add a layer of melted chocolate at the bottom of tart to make sure you wouldn’t get a soggy bottom – and no one wants that! So I followed the advice and made sure the crack got a good portion of the chocolate, in hope that it would act as a glue and stick it all together. The ganache was easy enough to prepare and I placed the raspberries on top, hoping that it would hide the worst of my mistakes.

I sprinkled the tart with icing sugar just before bringing it out for desert. Thankfully, my guests are too polite to comment on how amateur it looked and waited patiently whilst I cut everyone a slice…

…Which was impossible to do – the layer of chocolate had become really hard and was ridiculously difficult to cut! It was more than a little embarrassing having everyone watching me fail completely at such a simple task.

I finally managed to get everyone a slice, and sat down to try the tart, which, despite all the trouble I faced making (and cutting), turned out pretty good. I mean, who doesn’t like a chocolate and raspberry tart? To be fair I wouldn’t use this exact recipe again, as I had much too much trouble with the pastry, but it is something I might try and experiment with.

Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

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