Strawberry Daiquiri Anyone? It’s edible!

It was my birthday recently and apparently there is a rule that all bakers have to bake their own cakes, although I’ve never heard of such a thing.

So I asked ‘what should I bake?’ and the vast majority said Strawberry Daiquiri cupcakes … hmm …  OK! After the great success with my mojito cupcakes last year (also during my birthday – does anyone see a pattern forming?), I was excited about trying these out.

I started by mixing the rum and some of the sugar and letting it reduce by about half; the strawberries were then chopped into small pieces and soaked in the rum for about 30 minutes. I thought I didn’t need anymore more strawberries so took a quick break to munch my way through the rest of the pack. Yum!

Once the strawberries were soaked long enough I started on the rest of the recipe; mixing together the ‘dry’ ingredients with the butter to create a crumb like mixture and whisking together the ‘wet’ ingredients.  These then get mixed together bit by bit.

I then drained the strawberries and put a few into each cupcake case.  The batter went on top they all went into the oven for about 15minutes.

Once out I drizzled the remaining rum reduction over each cupcake and left them to cool while I prepared the icing. This is when I read the ingredients for the frosting and realised I needed the strawberries I had recently eaten. Dammit! Time for a quick run to the nearest shop! My tip of the day therefore is:

Make sure you don’t need any spare ingredients before you start eating them!

With a new pack of strawberries in tow, I started making the icing by mixing the butter, icing sugar and lime zest.  4 teaspoons of rum reduction and 4 teaspoons of milk were then whisked in until it was soft and fluffy. I went for the traditional ‘Hummingbird Bakery Swirl’ with a few slices of strawberry on top. Et Voila! Alcoholic cupcakes that didn’t last 5 minutes in the office.

They were beautifully soft and creamy with a gentle kick of alcohol.  The strawberries also provided a nice difference in texture. I do, admittedly, prefer the mojito version; however I think this is due to my preference to the alcoholic beverage rather than my preference in cake.

Yo Ho Ho and A Cupcake of Rum!

Every year, I beg my parents to buy me a cake from the same Iranian bakery. Last year my wish was granted but to my dismay, most of it was given away. So this year I decided to go for something completely different and make my own cake. However, me being me; I couldn’t possibly have decided on a normal choice of cake, that just wouldn’t be right.  I decided to bake alcoholic cupcakes to start the night off: welcome the Mojito cupcake.

The recipe for these cakes was definitely a bit different and I have to admit that handling alcohol at 10am did make me feel a bit queasy. Nevertheless I struggled through and managed to produce a somewhat runny batter.

The recipe says 24-30 mini muffin cases can be filled; however I used 12 normal sized cupcake cases in a normal sized cupcake tin.  I was tempted to buy the mini-muffin baking tin and cases but there was no more space in my designated baking cupboard and I was afraid I’d  get kicked out of the kitchen for taking up too much  space.

They cakes came out looking moorish and were left to cool while the icing was made.  This also included alcohol and was decorated with chopped mint and caster sugar.  The recipe made too much icing and I put the rest in a little bowl for a friend who hates cake.

Everyone absolutely loved the cakes, I was a bit worried because of the mint and alcohol in both the cake and icing but it really complimented each other and there wasn’t a strong taste of alcohol.  Will definitely be making these again and can’t wait for an excuse to make the other’s in the cocktail range