Something for the Coffee Lovers

After the mini cupcake marathon a week ago, I’ve been a bit baked out and have avoided baking as much as possible and I managed to do so, until Sunday evening. I came home from a messy Saturday night out to be asked to bake a coffee cake for a few dinner guests, eek! The concept of any type of food, let alone cake wasn’t going down to well so I had a lovely afternoon nap (which was greatly needed) and got on to baking in the evening.

My best tip for baking would be: read the recipe all the way through first a LONG time before baking.  I thought this would be a quick and easy recipe and completely missed the part about making coffee and leaving it to cool.  Oops. I improvised and put the coffee in the fridge for 20mins to speed up the cooling process.

The next dilemma was the lack of butter; I needed a LOT of it and we didn’t have enough. As we needed a few other things for dinner as well, my lovely father offered to go out and get it all.  He came back with a guilty face and slightly salted butter; it was the only one there. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I separated enough of the unsalted butter for the icing and used the slightly salted butter to make up the rest of the batter mix.

The coffee, butter and sugar got whipped together before adding 8 eggs one at a time.   The flour and baking powder finally got whipped in and poured into the prepared tin and into the oven for 50mins.

The smell of the cake wafted into the living room while we were waiting for our guest and made us all incredibly hungry, especially with the hangover finally wearing off.  It  came out of the oven looking beautiful and was cooled for a bit before attempting to get it out of the tin.

This is the hardest bit for bunt cakes, as there’s no removable bottom or spring on the side of the tin to help with getting the cake out.  My tin also has dents to make a nicely shaped cake but unfortunately makes it that much harder.  I finally managed to tease it out but did lose a few tiny bits of cake.

The icing was made after dinner, just as another guest arrived just for dessert.  Some of the coffee made at the start was saved and mixed in with the vanilla frosting. I made the mistake of using enough coffee for a whole batch of frosting when I only made half of it; which made the icing quite runny. I ended up adding as much icing sugar as was needed to thicken it up enough again.  The icing got spread over the top of the cake and some dark chocolate was grated over it to decorate.

I tried to be fancy and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top as well but managed to get shake a bit too hard and get an uneven spread. One day I will learn to sieve these things well!

The cake was served up with tea for everyone else and with milk for me, as I couldn’t bring myself to have tea with a coffee cake, it just didn’t seem right.  I asked everyone for their opinions and got a series of ‘mm’s’ and grunts before being told it wasn’t sweet enough, didn’t need the icing, needed more icing, could use more coffee, could use less coffee…. This went on for a few minutes before I realised it was a terrible question to ask!

Other than the different personal tastes, the cake went down well. It’s not a very sweet cake and the icing gives it a nice balance.  If you do prefer less sweetness you could always veto the icing but I personally wouldn’t.  I’m not the biggest fan of coffee cakes but I really liked the taste of vanilla icing with a bit of coffee in it and the cake was nice and moist.  Will be making this cake again, even if it’s only to satisfy my mother’s coffee addiction!