Nuts Anyone?

I’ve been on holiday to Iran and have developed a taste for everything nutty.  Iran has a plethora of beautifully tasty treats, many of which incorporate nuts. So what did I spend my time doing? Eating them all, naturally. I came back and the first question everyone asked me is “What did you learn to … Continue reading

Who Says Blondes Have More Fun?

I have been eyeing up this recipe for a long time and finally got the chance to make them when I went to visit a friend’s new place.  The Blondie – what is essentially a white chocolate brownie.  Yes people, it exists and I made it! I started by melting the chocolate and butter over … Continue reading

Sending A Kiss (On The Cheek) To the Person Who Invented Maple Syrup!

Wow! What an deceivingly surprising product! It smells a bit funny in the bottle (lets be honest here) but in a cake…. Wow. Before I digress any further; this week we had another dinner party and I was told to bake a cake for a late birthday treat for one of the guests.  After going … Continue reading

An Indulgent Apple Cake

We had special guests coming over to our house this week and I was commissioned to bake something for dessert.  I decided to try out the Spiced Apple Cake with Brown Sugar frosting, solely based on the fact that it would be big enough to feed a lot of people. Reading through the ingredients, I … Continue reading