Roses for my Roses…

I have been very inventive with my baking this week, well not really it was more boredom that lead me to my idea.  So, this week, I decided on making Rose cupcakes.  Could you tell from the title?

Here comes the creative bit, I decided to make little fondant roses to go on the rose icing for my rose cupcake. OK so not actually ingeniously creative but it let me while away the hours perfecting fondant roses.

Now for actually baking the cupcakes; they were very similar to the plain cupcake recipe but just had rose water replacing the vanilla essence.  For all those who didn’t manage to find it in their cupboard like I did; rose water can be found in the ‘world foods’ section of the supermarket.

The batter smelt beautiful and was spooned into muffin cases in cupcake tins (I still haven’t bought muffin tins) and put in the oven for 20 minutes to bake.


The cupcakes came out looking and smelling amazingly tasty and were set out to cool.  Rose water must just do something to make everything smell so much better. Just thinking about that smell makes me want to make more!

Onto the icing! It was again very similar to the standard buttercream icing recipe, just with rose water instead of vanilla essence.  In terms of decorating the cupcakes I went for a multi-coloured rose.  I separated about ¼ of the icing and used some red colouring to make it pink.  I then whipped out my Wilton 2D nozzle and put a thin layer of pink icing all around the icing bag.  Then I carefully filled the rest of the bag with the white icing and started piping roses onto the cupcakes.

 This created a really nice effect and made the roses come to life.  Then it was a matter of putting a few fondant roses on top and ta-da!


I absolutely love the taste of the rose cupcakes, the rose flavour really compliments cakes and I can’t wait to try out the lavender and jasmine alternatives.  Everyone should try this recipe asap!